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Who we are

We are OT Publishing Ltd, a UK registered company and our registered company number is 04969714. If you have any questions you can contact us via [email protected].

Data Protection Legislation

OT Publishing Ltd complies with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 with regards to data protection and user privacy.

Personal data we collect and why we collect it


This website collects and uses personal data for the purpose of site visitor tracking. To do this, the site uses Google Analytics (GA), which tracks user visits. We use this data to determine how many people are using our site, to understand how they got to our site, what content they view on the site and to see their path through our site.

Whilst GA records data such as your approximate location, the devicem, web browser and OS you are using, none of this data can be used to identify you personally. GA does, however, also record your IP address and this could potentially be used to personally identify you, however, Google does not give us access to this information. We consider Google to be a third party data processor.

GA use of cookies and details of these cookies can be found on Google's developer guides. Our site uses the gtag.js version of GA.


If you choose to become a member of the website, either via a free account or a paid subscription, we will collect your email address to use are part of your account login details. We will never display your email address to other users and will not sell, trade or give your email address to anyone unless compelled to do so by English law.

If you choose a paid subscription with our site, one of our payment providers, either Vendo Services GmbH, CCBill LLC or Epoch will collect information from you to allow them to process your payment. This information may include your full name, address, email addresss, payment card or bank details and any other information they require to process your payments. They will pass some information back to us to allow us to know you have made a payment, what service you have selected and data to allow us to link the subscription to your account on our system. Links to their privacy policies can be found in the "3rd party data processors" section below.

Email Newsletter

You may choose to join our newsletter. If you do, we will collect your email address in order for us to be able to send you are newsletter and other offers you might be interested in. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at anytime using the unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of all emails sent. We will never display your email address to other users and will not sell, trade or give your email address to anyone unless compelled to do so by English law.

How we store personal data

No data collected during your use of the website is stored on our web server and is only stored by the third party data processors mentioned below and detailed above.


OT Publishing Ltd put small files (known as 'cookies') onto your computer/device to collect information about how you browse the site. This enables us to understand how the site is used and to make improvements.

Cookies are used to:

OT Publishing Ltd cookies aren't used to identify you personally.

You'll have seen a message on the site informing you that the site makes use of cookies the first time you visit the site and until such a time that you dismiss this notice. Once dismissed, you will not see this notice again unless you remove all the cookies OT Publishing Ltd has set.

Find out more about how to manage cookies.

How cookies are used on OT Publishing Ltd sites

The following section describes which cookies and how they are used on OT Publishing Ltd sites.

Google Analytics - Measuring website usage

We use Google Analytics software to collect information about how you use OT Publishing Ltd sites. We do this to help make sure the site is meeting the needs of its users and to help us make improvements.

Google Analytics stores information about:

We don't collect or store your personal information (for example your name or address) so this information can't be used to identify who you are.

We don't allow Google to use or share our analytics data.

Google Analytics sets the following cookies:

Name Purpose Expires
_ga This helps us count how many people visit our site by tracking if you've visited before 2 years
_gid This helps us count how many people visit our site by tracking if you've visited before 24 hours
_gat Used to manage the rate at which page view requests are made 10 minutes

You can opt out of Google Analytics cookies.

Cookie Notice

You may see a pop-up cookie notice message when you first visit OT Publishing Ltd sites. We'll store a cookie so that your computer knows you've seen it and knows not to show it again once you have dismissed the message.

Name Purpose Expires
cookieconsent_status Saves a status to let us know that you've seen our cookie message 1 year

Websites Hosting

This website is hosted by Mojohost at a US based data centre located in Miami, Florida, USA.

3rd party data processors

We use several 3rd parties to process data on our behalf. These 3rd parties all comply with the legislation set out above. These data processes are:

Data Breaches

If we become aware of a data breach of our site's data or that of any of our 3rd party data processors we will report this to the authorities within 72 hours of the breach if any personal data that can be used to identify individuals has been stolen.

Data Controller

The data controller is: OT Publishing Limited, a UK Private Limited Company with company number 04969714.

Registered office is:

8 Twisleton Court,
Priory Hill,

Data Protection Officer

Paul Lawrie
Email: [email protected]

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